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We’re a global team based in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Lima, Cape Town, London, Washington D.C., Seoul, and Taipei.  Pulling our resources together on the fight against COVID-19. 

As COVID19 hit the world, the ESCA project was spun out of BioBX to solve the supply chain problem and get critical goods to the frontlines, where it’s needed most. With our experience and knowledge of medical devices, manufacturing, supply chain, and venture building, the ESCA team was born.

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After COVID19 hit, our close network of colleagues, friends, and family, whom are medical professionals, government workers, and small business owners, had a frustrating experience of accessing PPE, test kits, medical supplies, and critical products needed on the frontlines.

ESCA was formed to speed up purchases and manufacturing processes, by utilizing our model, we are able to give visibility to both the end-users and manufacturers, alleviating pressure on the supply chain.

Through ESCA, we set out to solve supply chain congestion and get goods where they needed to go.


Cutting Out Brokers

The medical supply pipelines are clogged with brokers and dealers.  We work direct with factories to lower prices and speed up delivery time.

Managed Purchasing Process

We standardized the buying process to educate new buyers that are just learning the industry.  This method takes out the guess work on the front end and we get to details and terms faster.

Proper Due Diligence

We vet and mitigate risk every step of the way, working with factories and buyers simultaneously with staff available to QA/QC.

The ESCA Process

Cross-border TeamAccelerating Supply ChainGetting Products Where They Need to Go

By working in tandem with manufacturers, logistics, and end buyers – we’ve created a unique model that optimizes every step in the process – from raw material sourcing, pricing, quality control, and delivery times.

Due Diligence

We vet and send staff to each factory to discuss process and supply shortages. Triple checking their claims and bandwidth.

Supply Chain Optimization

We fill gaps in supply chain and resources while helping factory manage the buy side expectations and communications.

Quality Assurance & Checks

As orders come and are made, we continue the QA and QC process with manufacturer and send staff to actual factory to monitor goods.

Delivery Optimization

We utilize both air and sea and coordinate hybrid shipments to get product in hands of clients faster.

Careers at BioBX

The BioBX family is always growing larger, and we welcome individuals wanting to challenge themselves and grow professionally.


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Latest Insights on COVID19

Staying cognizant of the situation surrounding COVID19 will help the world with the fight against COVID19, one step at a time.
Knowledge is power.

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We can’t do it alone and partnerships are critical to our mission.

Our cross-border network allows us to bridge both public and private sectors and bring together a global group of stakeholders together to resolve manufacturing, procurement, financial, and logistical barriers in the fight against supply chain congestion and COVID19.

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