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ESCA - Emergency Supply Chain Acceleration

The ESCA Project was founded out of necessity when COVID19 hit.

We are a cross-border team of product developers, startup accelerators, marketing/branding experts, manufacturers, distributors, and medical device specialists, who were pulled in to help clean up the supply chain congestion.

We run extensive due diligence on manufacturers and help them to gather raw materials with our own balance sheet. We allow manufacturers to lock in price for supply, allowing for an expedited process.

Our team procures and purchase critical goods and raw materials direct from manufacturers, with 1 to 12 weeks earlier delivery time than current market averages.

Helping the current world epidemic in weeding out price gouging/brokers and speeding up the entire supply chain process.

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About ESCA

Cross-border TeamAccelerating Supply ChainGetting Products Where They Need to Go

By working in tandem with manufacturers, logistics, and end buyers – we’ve created a unique model that optimizes every step in the process – from raw material sourcing, pricing, quality control, and delivery times.

Due Diligence

We vet and send staff to each factory to discuss process and supply shortages. Triple checking their claims and bandwidth.

Supply Chain Optimization

We fill gaps in supply chain and resources while helping factory manage the buy side expectations and communications.

Quality Assurance & Checks

As orders come and are made, we continue the QA and QC process with manufacturer and send staff to actual factory to monitor goods.

Delivery Optimization

We utilize both air and sea and coordinate hybrid shipments to get product in hands of clients faster.